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Ur shit is weak and I want breakfast.

Ur shit is weak and I want breakfast.

*~`~Rilakkuma says he’s sick of this shit and wants better medical & dental~*~*

Good news (!) is that with a little more focused effort on behalf of your Production Team, you can make this dream a reality!

Turn ahead 10 pages to see what happens next.
Turn back 10 pages to wallow in self-misery.


Sound Selects: Premier Videos of 2013

FACT: In this day & age, a good music video will do more to perpetuate your career than any other single-handed effort.

Sure, I grew up on MTV – but I caught the back-end of an arguably great era. I saw a couple great summers of TRL, but I also had to witness the travesties of Blind Date, Jersey Shore, and the like. Let’s just say me watching MTV was why Kurt Cobain started doing heroin in the first place.

It took a long time and a series of musical preference changes for me to realize that music VIDEO could stand as an art-form all its own.

That being said, these videos showcase the reasons why I choose to continue to stay relevant in modern music culture. People have things to say. Let them speak.

Thanks for listening.

1. Vampire Weekend – “Step”
2. Gesaffelstein – “Pursuit”
3. Moderat – “Bad Kingdom”
4. James Blake – “Retrograde”
5. Disclosure – “When A Fire Starts to Burn”
6. Bonobo – “Cirrus”

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Worthwhile: Weekend (November 15-17th, 2013)

Worthwhile: Weekend (November 15-17th, 2013)

Local favorites Midnight Therapy take the reins at Medusa Lounge for a night of deep & sultry grooves.

$5 with RSVP:

$10 w/o RSVP

Great music. Great people. What more could you want?

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Worthwhile: Weekend (November 15-17th, 2013)

Worthwhile: Weekend (November 15-17th, 2013)

Tiga comes through with Droog for an epic night at Sound.

The Well is offering free entry with RSVP before 11P.M.

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David Byrne Weighs In On the Ongoing Streaming Debate

David Byrne Weighs In On the Ongoing Streaming Debate

“The larger question is that if free or cheap streaming becomes the way we consume all (recorded) music and indeed a huge percentage of other creative content – TV, movies, games, art, porn – then perhaps we might stop for a moment and consider the effect these services and this technology will have, before ‘selling off’ all our cultural assets the way the big record companies did.”

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The Central Social Aid and Pleasure Club has provided me with nothing but great times, amazing people, and truly revolutionary music throughout the two years I’ve been living in LA. Tomorrow night, I’m truly honored to host one of their last major parties before changing ownership and effectively shutting down as a venue.

Beginning at 9 PM PST, we’ll have Myndset, Wuki, VCO, LASSI, Spencer Foreman, and others in the house for a show we hope will pay tribute to the legacy of The Central itself. Electrohouse is the name of the game, but we welcome all we want to celebrate this venue.

Tickets are $12 at the door or $15 after 11pm. We encourage you to join us for as much as the night as you can. We’ll do our best to provide you with great music and positive vibes for the entire night.

Can’t wait to see you there.

FB Event Page

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Just in case you haven’t realized it yet, Disclosure is the band you’ll be listening to all summer (at least between iterations of Daft Punk), Their funky blend of UK garage has had everyone in the dance community on their feet for the past year, and they’re in a position to make a big splash with their full-length release, “Settle”.

I had a chance to see them on Halloween night in Los Angeles – one of their first shows ever in the U.S. – and I have to say, it was pretty incredible. These young kids bring a sensibility to the game that is going to go a long way.

This video release of their interview/initial Brooklyn show is about everything you need to see.

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Free Shows/Shameless Self-Promotion



I’m throwing another party this Thursday, upstairs at Playhouse in Hollywood. If you’re a good person and you like good music, you should definitely join us. It’s free before 11pm so get there early! 

RSVP on the FB Page:

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Flight Facilities: Triple J Mix UP Exclusives: 1972 – 1982

…And just when I thought I couldn’t love Flight Facilities any more, they go off and pull a stunt like this.


I would have thought their creative prowess was evidenced sufficiently in release of “Clair de Lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)” this past year (which would have been enough to sustain my interest and undivided attention for all of 2013), but this Aussie cohort stepped it up in January with a creative project that reignited my faith in the future of music.

In a series of custom mixes commissioned for Triple J, Flight Facilities not only highlights the best tracks in the history of dance music but also the cultural changes which allowed those songs to flourish.

The most recent, Week #1, consists of a sultry ride thru the hits of 1972-1982, including jams from the soul of Al Green to the disco of David Bowie. More importantly, you’ll find interwoven and complimentary audio clips from historical events ranging from Nixon’s resignation, the Vietnam war, John Lennon’s death, and the early onset of AIDS – basically, the historical events that birthed and nurtured the sounds of the times.

Flight Facilities plans to release another THREE mixes in the upcoming month which will bring dance music (and culture) up to the present era (i.e. 2012).

This Aussie cohort has certainly done their research and it’s evident in the care taken with this first mix. You can read more about the entire process here. I can only imagine the next three mixes will exemplify the same commitment to excellence.

Cheers, guys.

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