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Flight Facilities: Triple J Mix UP Exclusives: 1972 – 1982

…And just when I thought I couldn’t love Flight Facilities any more, they go off and pull a stunt like this.


I would have thought their creative prowess was evidenced sufficiently in release of “Clair de Lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)” this past year (which would have been enough to sustain my interest and undivided attention for all of 2013), but this Aussie cohort stepped it up in January with a creative project that reignited my faith in the future of music.

In a series of custom mixes commissioned for Triple J, Flight Facilities not only highlights the best tracks in the history of dance music but also the cultural changes which allowed those songs to flourish.

The most recent, Week #1, consists of a sultry ride thru the hits of 1972-1982, including jams from the soul of Al Green to the disco of David Bowie. More importantly, you’ll find interwoven and complimentary audio clips from historical events ranging from Nixon’s resignation, the Vietnam war, John Lennon’s death, and the early onset of AIDS – basically, the historical events that birthed and nurtured the sounds of the times.

Flight Facilities plans to release another THREE mixes in the upcoming month which will bring dance music (and culture) up to the present era (i.e. 2012).

This Aussie cohort has certainly done their research and it’s evident in the care taken with this first mix. You can read more about the entire process here. I can only imagine the next three mixes will exemplify the same commitment to excellence.

Cheers, guys.

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